Business and Environment

OSRAM is one of the world’s leading lighting manufacturers and has a history dating back more than 100 years. We see ourselves as a focused lighting technology provider in the areas of automotive and specialty lighting, opto semiconductors, luminaires, lighting systems, and solutions. Our product portfolio ranges from high-tech applications using semiconductor-based technologies, such as infrared and lasers, to networked, intelligent lighting solutions for buildings and urban areas.

The operating activities covered by our business model are organized into four Business Units: Specialty Lighting, Opto Semiconductors, Digital Systems, and Lighting Solutions.

Specialty Lighting (SP)

The SP Business Unit offers a broad range of lamps and systems for various sectors and special applications. In terms of revenue, SP’s largest business is automotive lighting using LED products and products based on traditional technologies, as well as products using innovative OLED and laser technologies. Specialty lamps for stage, cinema, and studio lighting form another area of business. SP also serves further niche applications such as those that employ light for purposes other than illumination, for example lamps for cleaning that use high-intensity UV light to disinfect the surfaces, gases, or fluids that they irradiate.

Opto Semiconductors (OS)

The OS Business Unit develops, produces, and markets products relating to opto semiconductor technology. This includes both LEDs, which generate visible light for a wide range of lighting applications, and other opto semiconductors, which emit invisible light or receive incoming light and convert it into signals. The main sources of demand for OS products are the automotive industry, industrial and end-customer applications, and, increasingly, the general lighting sector.

Digital Systems (DS)

The DS Business Unit is a provider of traditional electronic control units and LED drivers, LED modules, light engines (a combination of an LED module and the related electronic control gear), and light management systems. The growing share of the volume of DS’s business accounted for by LEDs is causing an increasing shift away from standard products toward customized business involving adaptive production processes.

Lighting Solutions (LS)

The activities of the LS Business Unit comprise OSRAM’s luminaires and solutions business. This includes both the production and sale of luminaires and the design and implementation of solutions for internal and external lighting, as well as the service business. Our luminaires are primarily used in customer-specific projects in the fields of street lighting and architectural design, as well as professional interior lighting applications. We also offer fully integrated lighting solutions in order to cater to the growing demand for networked, intelligent lighting.